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Open your company in China ~ nihub provides you a one-stop solution to start in China. Accounting, Tax, Business Address, Business License, Patent & Copyright, etc.


We manage a 100 million RMB Incubator Fund to invest in early-stage scale-up startup and/or we work with more than 200 VCs fund to co-invest.

Digital Strategy

We help you to define and implement your digital & branding strategy including online social media presence and offline corporation connection


Through events, training, workshop we help you to understand China and to meet with your peers to exchange opportunities and challenges

"It's all about ni"

“ni” means “you” in Chinese. Every service, products that nihub offers have been designed to suits your specific needs. For us, it is important that we help you to create the most suitable structure for your company, important that you know all your rights & obligations when you run your company in China. We are not only here to operate some of your needs but also to provide coaching to start, scale and grow your company in China.

"In China everything is difficult but nothing is impossible"

Without the experience and knowledge of the market, without the language, China can be a difficult market to work in/with, however, China is a market which can provide unlimited opportunities. nihub is here to share it’s network, contacts, knowledge to give you all the keys of your company success in China. 

Early-Stage Investment

We have specialized to invest in early-stage foreign startups with a strategy to scale-up in China. Our scope of interest is Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Life Science, New Materials, etc. 

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Innovative Ecosystem

We believe we are in the middle of one of the most innovative ecosystem in world and through our “nispace” co-working we wants to give you access to one of the most exciting market. Open your company in Hangzhou and get access to an innovative and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Open your company in Hangzhou

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