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niHUB provides tailored solution for startups with the goal to start, scale or grow in China.


Incorporate a company in China, deal with accounting & taxes, nihub has in-house all services that you need to run a company in China


With our 100mio RMB fund and partnership with more than 200 VCs in China, we invest mostly in early-stage scale-up startups.

Branding & Marketing

We are the leading content creation partner for foreign startups in China. Through our experiences & channels we help you to brand your business in China

Knowledge Sharing

Every week, we share knowledge about China Business Ecosystem through our weekly Community Events, Training & Publication

Our Team

Lucas Rondez

Lucas Rondez


Mia Miao

Mia Miao

Investment Manager

Joshua Bunnell

Joshua Bunnell


Nikki Rong

Nikki Rong


China Startups Ecosystem News

Yes or No?

Ni Hao ! Some of the most important and life changing questions are answered with the same two ways. Either Yes or No. When on the receiving end of these two potential answers, it may often seem like life or death.  Facilitating Innovation: This week, we put this to practice during our first nihub #Pitch-Day. Four amazing startups, […]

We hate lawyers

Ok, you got us. This title was a bit exaggerated to get you to open the post, but only because it’s important, we promise.  You see, it’s not that we hate ALL lawyers. In truth, it’s more a love -hate relationship with them.  The problem is simple:  Every time we need to ask for advice to resolve a situation […]

Week #36 nihub Newsletter

Our 3rd newsletter, if you’re still here that must mean that you either never check your email or, we hope, that you really like us! (Thank you!) Week #36 of the year has been quite successful again for us and we hope it was the same for you.  Our CEO, Lucas, has officially received the Hangzhou […]

Startups That Will Never Get Funded

Every week, at nihub we receive at least 200 investor decks and pitches from companies looking for funding. Yes. It is true that in China it is easier to get funded in comparison to most Western markets, especially for Early Stage Startups.  We have helped many startups to raise funding successfully and move forward without a hitch, but unfortunately […]

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