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The first step to incorporating a business in China is  to find a good name for your company.

Finding a good name which has not be used before by any other com- pany can be a daunting task, especially when you are trying to choose a name that matches your business, your branding, and appeals to a Chinese audience. We strongly recommend that you complete this task AS SOON AS POSSIBLE when you start the process of registering a company.

Your official company name must be structured with the following components: the city, your company’s chosen name, your industry, and company classification.

Name of City – Company Name – Industry – Type of Company

For example: Hangzhou “MyBusiness” Technology Co. Ltd. Please note that the name of the company MUST be in Chinese.

Foreign companies are not the only ones hiring consultants to make company names. In fact, China has a number of superstitious traditions, and as a result, local businessmen ask for advice in choosing company names that will bring prosperity to their businesses.

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