What is innovation? 

Some say it’s a process, others say a skill.

Here at nihub, we believe it is ni. 

You are the innovation that you put into the world. At nispace, this has been kept as the key focus throughout everything we’ve done to create a space for foreign entrepreneurs, innovators, and dreamers.

Today, we’re very happy to announce the pre-opening registration for nispace, our very own co-working space, in Binjiang District, Hangzhou, built by foreign entrepreneurs, for foreign entrepreneurs.


It’s a common question: why should a startup go into a co-working space rather than a regular office?

At nihub, we believe that collaboration beats competition every time. In the spirit of such collaboration, we believe that the key to making an open, collaborative, and successful community is connection.

Through nispace, regular community events, trainings, and exclusive investor pitch-days, we are hoping to establish such a connection with every single entrepreneur that takes up a seat.

How Much Does It Cost?

Say goodbye to 3 or 6 month payments!

Basic pricing at nispace for one desk is a monthly cost of RMB 750, paid on a monthly basis!

Plus, if you’re not already registered we’ll register your company for FREE as well!

Aside from this promotion, nispace also offers a loyalty program for long-term residents as follows:

 6 months contract = 1 months FREE

• 12 months contract = 2 months FREE

• 2 Desks + = 2nd Desk FREE 


   Our address is :

ChengGao Mansion, XinLian Road #608

Rm 1402/1403 Binjiang District, Hangzhou

The monthly cost includes WiFi, printing, coffee, tea, etc. and free admission to all nihub events & training courses.

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