What industries do you invest in? 

This is the question that every founder, CEO, entrepreneur, client, and even friend is asking us. However, there is not one easy answer.

Of course, we have several industries that we prefer but this is mostly because we simply have more experience and resources regarding these industries.

These industries include: 

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Big Data
  • Semi-Conductor
  • Clean-Tech
  • New Material
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • IOT
  • Ed-Tech
  • Med-Tech
  • Bio-Tech
  • And many more

However, industry isn’t actually a primary concern when it comes to reviewing a new project sent our way. Success and innovation can be found anywhere and is often found where you least expect it.

If you want to go from small & local to big & global, you need more than just the right industry. You need a good founder, a good team, a good business model, good timing, and a GREAT everything.

While investment is important and necessary if you want to scale, it’s not this money that will make or break your business. In a world and society prioritizing innovation, money is just here to be burned. 

More important than money, you need to focus to build the right team, to always think about the best opportunity of the market, to think of what you should do to make your project better and more competitive, to make more money and to grow your valuation.

Accordingly, we want to give you more than just money to burn. We want to give you guidance to stray away from the clichéd mistakes of young, early stage companies, insight to scale faster and farther than your competitors, and experience to succeed in the Chinese market.

Some call that mentorship. Some call it incubation or acceleration. Us? We call it niHUB, because in the end…

it’s all about ni. 

Remember that, here at niHUB we act as a VC (Venture Capitalist). This is also known as Capital Risk Investment. Why? Well, because everything we invest in is a risk. Not a loan, a stipend, or a grant.

We are here to give equity investments. We want to provide millions of dollars to help your company scale, in the hopes that it will flourish, but also with the risk that we’ll never see a return on that investment.

Does your project and team have what it takes to make it big in China?