What do you mean, mooncakes?

For those who may not be with us here in the Middle Kingdom, today start the Mid-Autumn Festival in China as well as several other countries throughout Asia. The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, featuring a full moon at night.

Mooncakes, a sweet or savory pastry, is traditionally eaten over this festive holiday and are often given as gifts amongst employees, clients, friends, and relatives.

nihub wishes you all a very happy holiday. Please note that our team will also be out of office during these three days (Sept. 22-23-24). We mentioned in one of our previous newsletters about the 9-9-6, but don’t forget that it is also very important to spend quality time with your families (especially during the holidays).


If you see this car plate in the street of Hangzhou and have a chance to look inside of the car don’t fret! You’re not going crazy. No one will be driving this car!

Alibaba has received the first test plate from the city of Hangzhou for a driverless vehicle to join us out on the streets. We’ve been telling you that Hangzhou is one of the smartest & most technologically advanced cities in the world, but this team Hangzhou supports that claim all by itself!


More great news comes this week as our ni-team gets a little larger! Olivia, the newest member of nihub has officially joined as our new commu-ni-ty manager! We are incredibly happy to welcome her into the ni-family!

Welcome Olivia!

Cross-Border Entrepreneurship

The week moves on as always at nihub with incredible knowledge sharing & community building. We started with emlyon Business School on Wednesday, then were invited by Tusstar, an incubator from Tsinghua University, to welcome ChinaAccelerator in Hangzhou. Here we listened to a few pitches and joined a panel-discussion about cross-border entrepreneurship.


At nihub, we believe cross-border entrepreneurship is a funny phrase as it is becoming increasing more of a necessity rather than a choice for the startups and SME’s of the world. The phrase Think Globally, Act Locally has been around for sometime but is certainly more true now than ever. In an increasingly small world, the smartest  entrepreneurs and startups are looking to at opportunities that exist across the world, outside of national barriers, cultural norms, and even perceived risks.

Home to the world’s largest market, China in the modern world is full of innovation, entrepreneurship, and opportunity, something that we here at nihub and our startups understand all too well. As we continue working hard to remove misconceptions and put a highlight on these opportunities we are eager to see even more startups pushing aside the fears and risk associated with China and starting to focus on this immense opportunity.

Embracing Community

In the spirit of such cross-border entrepreneurship, we changed our community event this week from Wednesday evening to Thursday afternoon to the fit the schedule of a delegation of Finnish entrepreneurs and innovators. This particular delegation came from the city of Oulu, a place considered one of Europe’s “living labs”, where residents consistently experiment with new technology.

Of course, we couldn’t welcome such innovative Finnish entrepreneurs without also inviting the most famous Finnish company in town, Nokia. Nokia conveniently has its biggest R&D center out of Finland right here in Hangzhou. Among with these folks, we also opened this event to our entire community,  dubbing it the “Arctic Bridge” Community Event and also the 1st Open Ecosystem Network in China.

A big thanks to everyone involved and especially the visitors from Finland for the interest in visiting our home and sharing their own ideas on innovation, entrepreneurship and more.

Open Ecosystem Network

“Today, we change tomorrow” is the slogan of Open Ecosystem Network. Open Ecosystem Network is an open co-creation environment originally initiated by Nokia. Their goal is to bring together the most ambitious companies and brightest individuals to help them innovate and grow their businesses bigger, better and faster.

Through the “OpEN Talks session”, nihub and Nokia partnered to launch the 1st of its kind in China. Following up on this, monthly OpEN Talks will be organized in Hangzhou. Local entrepreneurs and startups in technology fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and 5G using Nokia Hangzhou Technology Center resources (technical experts, garage events, etc) can also look forward to mentorship by the industry veterans in the near future.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival again, and as usual, it’s all about ni!