What’s our favorite thing at nihub? 

The answer to that is quite obvious…


We had another busy week at nispace, the nihub co-working space & headquarters, where A LOT of entrepreneurs are working had everyday to make the next big thing. A highlight of this week was without a doubt found at our Wednesday night community event with special guest Ian G. Burns, the founder of RedStar Magazine! 

Ian has a truly amazing story, an entrepreneur story.


To start things off, Ian agreed to come make an appearance at our community event despite a worsening eye infection after three days of business trips with no time to visit the doctor. While it’s essential for all entrepreneurs and companies to prioritize their health, it’s easy to see the passion and determination of Ian as he can’t resist but to meet, connect, and inspire fellow entrepreneurs at any chance possible! 

His passion impressed us, having started a magazine in China, getting raided by the police due to lack of a media license, started others businesses regarding music, a tribute band dubbed Beatles in Beijing Group, and even designed and sold Beatles themed clothes and other merchandise. Now Ian is bringing RedStar to Hangzhou further the magazine and showing the world that he just can’t stop. If there is one thing we love to see most in our fellow entrepreneurs, it is this level of determination and passion. 

Ian finished his talk by noting the importance of the team. In fact, he build more than a team… he built a family. A family which are fighting day and night to build something together. He mentioned that his team has always been small and tightly-knit. To date, there have already been five weddings within his company, showing the type of passion and personality this kind of company and CEO attracts.

This was merely ONE entrepreneur that we had the pleasure to connect with over this past week. At nihub, our motto is “it’s all about ni” meaning that our priority, our business, and our purpose to facilitate, connect, and support YOU and your business in China.

Join our next event or reach out for your own chance to innovate in China just like Ian! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!