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niHUB provides tailored solution for startups with the goal to start, scale or grow in China.


Incorporate a company in China, deal with accounting & taxes, nihub has in-house all services that you need to run a company in China


With our 100mio RMB fund and partnership with more than 200 VCs in China, we invest mostly in early-stage scale-up startups.

Branding & Marketing

We are the leading content creation partner for foreign startups in China. Through our experiences & channels we help you to brand your business in China

Knowledge Sharing

Every week, we share knowledge about China Business Ecosystem through our weekly Community Events, Training & Publication

Our Team

Lucas Rondez

Lucas Rondez


Mia Miao

Mia Miao

Investment Manager

Joshua Bunnell

Joshua Bunnell


Nikki Rong

Nikki Rong


China Startups Ecosystem News

How many weddings did you have in your company?

What’s our favorite thing at nihub?  The answer to that is quite obvious… ENTREPRENEURS!  We had another busy week at nispace, the nihub co-working space & headquarters, where A LOT of entrepreneurs are working had everyday to make the next big thing. A highlight of this week was without a doubt found at our Wednesday […]

“In the sky there is the Paradise, on Earth there is Suzhou and Hangzhou”

In China, there is a famous saying:  “In the sky there is the Paradise, on Earth there is Suzhou and Hangzhou”.  Yes, Hangzhou is beautiful. Yet this city is not a mere tourist attraction. It is also a paradise for innovation and technology companies in China. The contribution of the entrepreneurs in this city is […]

Newsletter – September 22nd 2018

What do you mean, “mooncakes”? For those who may not be with us here in the Middle Kingdom, today start the Mid-Autumn Festival in China as well as several other countries throughout Asia. The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, featuring a full moon at night. Mooncakes, a sweet or savory pastry, […]

The OpEN Talks session: A global forum for steering open innovation

The OpEN Talks session: A global forum for steering open innovation | Open Ecosystem Network An International Forum to Meet Up, Connect, and Collaborate. We are proud to announce that The OpEN Talks was hosted this week at the Fifth niHUB Community Event in Hangzhou. The OpEN talk is an initiative by the Open Ecosystem […]

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