When opening a new business, you will have to determine the industry and “scope of operation” of your company. China’s government, especially the Administration for Industry & Commerce has some guidelines for you to set your business scope. Here we have provided some examples (with Chinese Translation) of company types and their correlating business scope that you can choose for your new business. Of course you can still ask for more specifics aside from the list provided here by checking with your local Industrial & Commerce Bureau for more information.

Some industries and scope of operations may require specific licenses, which we’ve tried to mention below. Please use this post as a reference guide only and check with your local government for exact information and confirmation regarding your company.

Your industry will influence your business scope. Keep in mind that most local governments limits your business license to a max 80 characters (Chinese) for scope of operation.

Another important point is that not every business address can register companies of every industry or including specific operations in their business scope. For more information on this, please check with your office management and/or landlord.


Industries Requiring Pre-Approval

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