With the May 1st holiday over, here at niHUB we’ve wasted no time to get back to work and usher in another group of foreign guests. This time our innovative guests were a business delegation from FFHS School in Switzerland.

结束了五一假期,niHUB迎来了第一批客人:来自瑞士FFHSSchool 的商务考察团!


About FFHS

Fernfachhochschule Schweiz (FFHS), founded in 1998, is a bachelor’s & master’s program accredited by a University of Applied Science and Technology in Switzerland. The program provides an essential link between China and Switzerland, along with a series of continuing education courses including economics, information technology, law, and health.


迪姆凡德兰物理疗法学院Fernfachhochschule Schweiz(FFHS),创建于1998年,是瑞士一所应用科技大学、提供中国和瑞士认可的学士和硕士学位以及一系列的继续教育课程包含经济学、信息技术、法律和健康等。


Most of the FFHS exchanges in Hangzhou come from the financial sector. The purpose of the program is to discuss how improved communication can gather the elements of elite entrepreneurship and innovation, enhance innovation in various fields, break through development bottlenecks, improve relations between domestic and foreign enterprises, explore new technologies that differ from Europe,  and help FFHS students to achieve innovative, coordinated, and environmentally sustainable development.  Another key value of the FFHS program is to encourage continuously open development and technology sharing between Switzerland and China. 

此次FFHS的杭州交流活动参加人员大多来自金融领域。旨在探讨交流如何更好的集聚精 英创业创新要素,能在各个领域增强创新能力,突破发展瓶颈,实现国内外企业的密切沟通交流,探讨区别于欧洲的新兴技术,进而帮助FFHS的学员们实现创新发展、协调发展、绿色发展、开放发展、共享发展。


The first stop for the FFHS trip today was niHUB Innovation Center in Binjiang DistrictniHUB focuses on introducing and implementing overseas innovation and entrepreneurship projects to the Chinese market. niHUB founder, Lucas, introduced the company’s development model to the members of FFHS, along with some innovative and entrepreneurial projects that entered the Chinese market through the help of niHUB. Following the introduction, they held a quick discussion on the innovation and entrepreneurship environment here in China.



The next stop for FFHS & niHUB was a visit to the company pingpong” serves as a payment platform for China’s cross-border sellers, redefining the “speed” concept of cross-border receipts with innovative solutions and expertise.


Of course, one cannot come to Hangzhou and not visit the city’s most famous treasure; West Lake. niHUB guided the delegation of FFHS to see the beautiful scenery of the lake while enjoying a local lunch. 



While in West Lake District, the FFHS students also went to “Silver River Software Park” to visit Enjoyor, a provider of urban intelligent turnkey solutions. As such, Enjoyor’s incubator focuses heavily on developments in AI and big data. The head of the International Cooperation Department introduced the development status of the high-tech intelligence industry to the students and the scientific and technological achievements of the startups and projects based in the incubator. 



The last stop for the trip was to the famous Ali Group (Alibaba). Alibaba is a one of the largest and wealthiest companies in the world today, attracting people from across the globe to visit. During the visit and discussion with Alibaba, students of the delegation not only understood the corporate culture of the company, but also the importance of innovation, entrepreneurship in the companies own sustainability and growth. 



The long day of meetings, panel discussions, and innovative exchange and study, was yet another case of niHUB leading foreign innovators, in this case the FFHS School, to understand the local environment of innovation and entrepreneurship in Hangzhou. By bridging this deep understanding and appreciation for innovation and technological exchange, niHUB and FFHS look forward to a long-term partnership to further high-level innovation exchange between Switzerland and China.